Learn a little about how Thermatec and EDGE came to be...

  • 2011 In the beginning...

    The Swedish entity was formed to focus on applications for field instrumentation and frequency inverters.
  • 2016 Taking the US

    The US entity was formed to focus on applications for turbo-machinery controls and valves & field instrumentation retrofits with a particular focus on steam turbines, gas turbines and centrifugal compressors.
  • 2016 Expanding further...

    The Russian entity was formed as an import hub for our products and turbo-machinery projects.
  • 2018 Taking it to the EDGE

    EDGE was created to consolidate the technology and expertise of the company under one brand.


Find out what makes Thermatec stand above the rest.

TIC (Thermatec Instrumentation & Controls) is a products and solutions provider specialized in field instrumentation and controls for both greenfield and brownfield projects.

EDGE includes pressure & differential pressure, flow, level and temperature transmitters of advanced technology that suit both process and turbo-machinery applications.

For greenfield or extension projects we can provide guidance and engineering support for the sizing and selection of the field instruments .

For brownfield project we work closely with the sites providing site surveys and advice on optimization of process and electrical controls and field instruments applications.